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IT Services – Brief Profile





ZOOFi Tech Company formerly known as Desert Access is a pioneer company in the IT field in Saudi Arabia, started operations in 1991. Since then, we have been on top of the IT business by being one of the major and oldest partners for many software giants like Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Symantec and others.


In the year 2011 in need of diversifying our business & outreach other IT segments in Saudi Arabia, a special IT Services Division was established upon service orientation with experiences of twenty years, our endeavor is to provide reliable, professional and tangible quality deliverables in SAP/ERP Software Consulting & Solutions to Large (LE), Small and Medium (SME) size organization of all commercial verticals in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.


We at ZOOFi Tech recognize SAP/ERP Application as a strategic partnering asset of an organization and we help companies utilize it possibly in the most appropriate way.


We are backed up with 100+ experienced professionals at Offshore Development Centre (ODC) locations in India, US, UK and Middle East.


Our Vision is: To Be the Reliable, Professional Technology Partner in the Middle East for Organizations to Manage their Software Strategically.


Following our Vision is our Mission Statement: “To Provide the Highest Quality Service to our Customers and Enable them To Achieve their Objective in an Efficient, Timely and Professional Manner”.


The company's primary focus is in providing support and services for all types of SAP/ERP turn-key projects and time & material (T&M) based outsourcing model, staff augmentation for attaining your IT requirements, either small or big that deliver optimized results to the organization by quality implementation, post-implementation support, quantifiable Return on Investment either through on-site or off-site sourcing models.


ZOOFi Tech helps your organization operate on a more strategic level translating into better service for your customers and high level of job satisfaction among the employees while the stake holders can be assured of higher returns.


Our lean structure helps us to remain agile and active without compromising on the quality of services. We work in a variety of configurations/customizations that suit and meet your needs. Our team of consultants is committed in delivering qualitative work which enables us to build long-term working relationships with our customers.


A few of our partner(s):

·         High Noon Corp – India

·         High Noon Corp, Support Offices – US, UK, Middle East


In collaboration with our partners, we are a leading provider in professional SAP/ERP technology consulting and software development services. We provide high quality and cost effective strategic SAP/ERP solutions to our clients in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Performance Management, Data Integration, Data Warehousing, and Business Process Management / Business Re-engineering across diverse industry verticals.


ZOOFi Tech delivers high quality, consistent and cost-effective IT services to its clients while balancing deep industry and technology skills whilst focusing on business solutions with process frameworks and applications outsourcing capabilities.





Our competencies are in delivering technically sound and functionally fine tuned enterprise solutions in the areas of:

F SAP Functional

F SAP Technical

F Basis and System Administratio

F SAP NetWeaver & Enterprise Portal

F SAP Travel Management

F SAP Upgrade Services

F SAP Support Services

F SAP Audits

F SAP Training


ZOOFi Tech’s unique combination of people, processes, and products (i.e., knowledge assets and tools) ensures you get the most from your SAP/ERP investment.


In association with our partners, and due to our cross-platform technology expertise, we work in diverse client segments and we have provided services to a wide spectrum of customers in the following industry domains:







•Information Technology & Software


•Banking & Financial Services


•Retail & Consumer Goods

•Manufacturing sector


•Oil and Gas


Bringing together the best talent pool available, we deliver the most advanced SAP/ERP technology solutions to our customers that maintain highest quality and performance.


We create strong bonds with our customers, by providing training in the recent technologies, helps us meet the demanding expectations of our customers.





ZOOFi Tech in alliance with its partners has proven capabilities and skills set in the areas of ERP Software Consulting & Solutions.


Bringing together the best talent pool available, we deliver the most advanced technology solutions to our customers that maintain highest quality and performance.


We provide advanced IT solutions in SAP/ERP to our customers with clear and definite understanding of their specific IT needs, desired results, time, and budget the client has.


We offer specialized services in tactical outsourcing of SAP/ERP software/product development, which allows customers to focus on their core competencies, while outsourcing your customization/support requirements to us.


Our expertise in developing, implementing and supporting SAP solutions can help your company improve business processes and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.


We certainly help you to identify trends, respond quickly to change, discover competitive advantages and gain comprehensive understanding of the factors driving your business. We accomplish this goal by combining industry-leading ERP tools with our extensive product knowledge, experiences, best run practices and proven methodology.


We assist you in all aspects of your ERP strategy including staffing needs on individual projects, leadership in implementing a sound solution or a long-term partnership and throughout the progression of your business strategy.


We have very mature processes for delivering all aspects of the SAP Suite of products, and with world class infrastructure at our development centers, we have been highly successful in providing innovative IT services in the areas like:

·         ERP Solutions (SAP)

·         Application Development

·         Web Development and security

·         ITES (Staff Augmentation)





We further believe in an uncompromising commitment to client needs, explicit as well as implicit, and our clients are always delighted.


Through the Offshore Development Center located at Hyderabad, India, a broad range of SAP/ERP services are extended to the clientele at highly competitive costs.


We consistently deliver to client expectations and establish long lasting relationships with them.


Our complete SAP solutions will help Organizations & Industries through their entire SAP lifecycle & further on.


Our SAP/ERP Consulting Practice has the capability and expertise to provide consulting, training, software and support services focused on mySAP ERP, mySAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver.


We deliver optimized results to our customers that are characterized by quality SAP/ERP support/customization and implementation, quantifiable return on investment with on-site and off-site sourcing models.


Working solely in the SAP market, we provide best practice solutions to enterprises of all sizes.


Our on-site and off-site consultants are committed in delivering the assignments which enables us to build long term working relationships with our customers.





?  Client Name: Saudi Aramco


High Noon Corp. successfully participated for the requisition number 3000181148 of Saudi Aramco in the year 2008 for Aramco’s E-Travel Project requirements.


This bid was locally represented by EJADA Systems our Saudi Arabian Business Partner.


Our scope as an offshore partner to EJADA Systems was to provide full:

      Technical response to the RFP

      Commercial response to the RFP

      Project Management Plan

      Effort break-down structure

      Resource plan

The response to the RFP was submitted well within the stipulated time. HNC got the highest ranking for the best of the technical solution provider for the subject bid.


?  Client Name: Tas’helat


We successfully participated in the RFP for full implementation of SAP for the retail petroleum customer – Tas’helat.


The customer wanted a full time downstream IS-Oil and Gas solution for their business. Our core scope towards this BID was:

      Submission of full technical scope

      Submission of full commercial scope

      Effort distribution

      Project Plan

      Resource Plan

      System Sizing and Licenses


The customer eventually decided to settle for another ERP instead of SAP.





?  Project Name: Poster Child Projects

?  Client Name: Metaport USA

?  Industry: Information Technology Solution Provider


Business value and challenges:

The project is to build a front-end using ADOBE FLEX that in turn connects to SAP System(s). The scope of the build is to develop a full-fledged panel based front end easy to use for the end-users. The scope also involves writing BAPIs and re-defining existing ones to meet the requirements. The front-end talks to the backend, SAP System(s) using web services created out of the BAPIs.

The current phase of the project is restricted to only Logistics domain and is supposed to be extended to other modules after the launch of the initial product.


Scope of Work:

Project Location                                 :  HNC-ODC (Hyderabad)

Scheduled Delivery time                 :  6 months

Actual Delivery time                          :  On-track

Project Status                                     :  Underway

Team Size                                          :  11


?  Client Name: Macmillan Publishers India

?  Industry: Publishing and Printing


Business value and challenges:

The business value to the customer is simulation/configuration of their production process in the SAP System and integrating their vendor systems with SAP System. The core challenges involved around cost and controlling modules wherein a lot of custom reports had to be developed.


Scope of Work:

Project Location                                 :  HNC-ODC (Hyderabad)

Scheduled Delivery time                 :  AMC

Actual Delivery time                          :  On-track

Project Status                                     :  Underway

Team Size                                          :  6





?  Client Name: City of Houston

?  Industry: Public Sector


Project Goal: ERP project that will allow the City to modernize its Financial, Payroll, MM and HR functions.


Business value and challenges:

By replacing the existing systems, the customer will eliminate a serious risk that current aging systems could fail and force the City into extraordinary efforts to manage its finance functions.

By implementing SAP ERP, the city is poised to have fast response times and efficient processes. One of the key challenges of the project was to provide as much bespoke solution as possible with minimal customization.

One of the challenges of this project is to normalize their complex bidding process involving several vendors accessing multiple systems.


Scope of Work: Enhancements to the Logistics module of mySAP ERP 2005

Project Location                                 :  HNC-ODC (Hyderabad)

Scheduled Delivery time                 :  4 months

Actual Delivery time                          :  Delivered On-track

Project Status                                     :  Delivered On-track

Number of End-Users                      :  30

Team Size                                          :  7


?  Client Name: Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

?  Industry: Public Sector (Education)


Business value and challenges:

This site is supposed to be one of the first SAP implementations to go-live with “Concurrent Employment” business process.

Availability of SAP HR resources with experience and knowledge in this area was a challenge. Our SAP Delivery team stood up to the challenge by going through some extensive training programs to learn and adapt “SAP Concurrent Employment” concept and successfully delivered the committed Service Level Agreements of the customer.


Scope of Work: Complete support & enhancement of ABAP development from off-shore

Project Location                                 :  HNC-ODC (Hyderabad)

Scheduled Delivery time                 :  12 months

Actual Delivery time                          :  Delivered

Project Status                                     :  Delivered

Team Size                                          :  25


?  Client Name: Langley Associates

?  Industry: Finance and Banking


Business value and challenges:

This is a product development project involved the use of SAP .NET Connector as well as SAP core ERP.  This is an off-shore product development involving both Microsoft .NET as well as SAP resources.


Scope of Work:

Development of thin client using Microsoft .NET technology as the front-end and SAP as the back-end. The thin client development has the following modules:

  • Admin

  • Role Base accesses

  • User entry forms

  • User personalization

  • Journal Entry grid

  • Validations against business rules

  • Data Security


Project Location                                 :  HNC-ODC (Hyderabad)

Scheduled Delivery time                 :  4 months

Actual Delivery time                          :  Delivered on-target

Project Status                                     :  Delivered on-target

Number of End-Users                      :  License based model

Team Size                                          :  10


?  Client Name: Sohar Operations & Maintenance Co. (SOMC)

?  Industry: Utilities


Business value and challenges:

The greatest challenge in this project was to consolidate the master data essential for “Go-Live”.

The customer did not have proper legacy systems and the data available was absolutely disarrayed. Our resources were engaged right from helping the Plant Engineers in preparing the data in the desired format.

The other challenge posed by this project was limited budget of the customer towards the hardware required. The project was delivered over two system landscape. Hence, a lot of rigorous testing was involved to deliver defect free production system


Scope of Work: Implementation and post-implementation support of mySAP ERP 2005 including the following modules:  FI-CO/SD/MM/HR/PM-WCM

Project Location                                 :  Sohar (Oman)

Scheduled Delivery time                 :  11 months

Actual Delivery time                          :  10 months

Project Status                                     :  Delivered

Number of End-Users                      :  95

Team Size                                          :  15




  •  Core SAP/ERP Services:

      SAP/ERP On-site Support Services

      SAP/ERP Off-site Support Services

      Full Scale SAP/ERP Implementations

      SAP/ERP Upgrades (Technical & Functional end to end)

      SAP/ERP Customization & Development (For All Modules)

      SAP/ERP Integration

      Development and integration of Internet technologies with SAP/ERP

      Performance Tuning, Database and Application Level

      Data Migration

      Database Reorganization

      SAP/ERP Training assistance





SAP has thousands of configuration tables and endless of combination switches to program your SAP/ERP system meeting your needs. We know which options are available and which are not and how to “customize your special needs” beyond these options.


We help you to motivate your employees co-operation to focus their efforts and adhere to your requirement, these two main driving forces bring success in the functional application.


On top of that, by combining the SAP options with customization features we are able to materialize your vision.


Our successes in functional configuration is not only due to its extensive knowledge in SAP tables, but also to its functional experience in verticals. We have worked in many industries including Manufacturing, Technology, Construction, Utilities (Electricity, Water), Oil & Gas, etc…





ü  ZOOFi Tech is dedicated to provide proficient solutions in conjunction with its International affiliates.

ü  We work with our clients as part of their TEAM in the project life-cycle and beyond.

ü  We can work within most budgets from large to small.

ü  We are transparent and thoroughly professional in our outlook, we deliver to our commitment.

ü  We are proactive in our approach.

ü  We simply care for “Quality”.

ü  Within your reach locally.








 Getting Us On Board Quicker! Means Profiting Faster


Muzammil H. Shaikh

Business Development Manager


ZOOFi Tech Co.

P.O. Box 26572,

Riyadh – 11496,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Phone        :  +966 1 208 8899 – ext.: 111

Mobile        :  +966 50 010 0110

Fax             :  +966 1 208 2288


E-mail        :  muzammil@zoofitech.com